Staging Your Home

A few great tips on creating an atmosphere that will charm buyers and make them want to buy you home.  First impressions are what counts.


Drive-up Appeal

  • Trim trees and shrubs, clean out flower beds, paint the front door, make sure doorbell is working properly, wash the mailbox, and keep the porch swept.


Absolute Basics

  •  Start by airing out the home.  Most people are turned off by even the smallest odor.
  •  Wash all the windows in the home, inside and out.
  •  Put bright light bulbs in every socket made for a bulb.  Buyers like bright and cheery.
  •  Clean out closets, cabinets and drawers.  Closets should look like they have enough room to hold additional items.
  •  Make sure rooms are not overcrowded with furniture.
  •  Keep the kitchen sparkling clean.  Make sure all appliances are clean at all times.
  •  Clean the ashes out of the fireplace


 Showing your home

  •  When you leave the house in the morning or during the day, leave it as if you know it is going to be shown.
  •  Keep good scents in the house, such as potpourri, candles.
  •  Make sure all the lights are on and window treatments are open.
  •  Turn off the television.
  •  Keep pets out of the way – preferably out of the house.  Many people are uncomfortable around some animals and may even be allergic to them.
  •  Leave your premises.  Take a short break while you home is being shown.